Using Dropbox to Backup Your Mac

dropbox for macLike many backup services for your Mac, Dropbox can be used in a multitude of ways, and their services range from individual backup plans, to options for teams and businesses. It’s these variety of choices that makes Dropbox a strong contender when looking at service providers to backup your Mac’s data. Let’s take a look at some of those options..

Dropbox for Individuals

I’ve been using my individual Dropbox account for years. I started out with the initial free backup plan of 2GB and after recommending and referring Dropbox to friends and family, I’ve gotten my Dropbox account up to 8.5GB of storage. While this is no where near enough to backup all of your files, it is enough to backup your most important files. I use it to back up family images, important files and documents, as well as work files so I can have access to project files. Also, I have the Dropbox app on my phone so I can share and access files on the go. So, you work on something at home that you need for work the next day, you upload it to your Dropbox account and it’ll be available to resume work on the next day.

Also, I love sharing my files as well. I send a link to the Dropbox file and my family and friends can download the file. This is great for holiday images. If you don’t want to email the photo out to everyone, just send out the link instead! You can also control which files you want to share, and which files you want to remain private.

The Dropbox icon sits on your Mac’s toolbar and allows you immediate access to:

  • Recently changed files
  • Storage space information
  • Open Dropbox folder

Dropbox for Businesses

Formerly Dropbox for Teams, Dropbox recently underwent a rebranding this year due to one of their current focus points – business. As many people rely on the individual options for Dropbox on their home computer, the need for a robust business solution with multiple access points is ubiquitous. Workers using Dropbox for home use can be easily transitioned and setup for business usage.

Dropbox for Business Features

Dropbox syncs all of your team’s work across all of your devices, so even international company’s, or those companies with an international presence can stay current.

dropbox for business backup

Recently launched management tools make it easy to manage team members and keep track of account usage. The very recently launched SSO (single sign on), makes it incredibly easy for admins to manage their team. With a central identity provider, SSO helps with:

  • Streamlined management so admins can access applications in one centralized place
  • Security enhancements so password policies that are established will also be available through SSO
  • Team efficiency – limit the number of login information company employees need to remember so they can access their information. A user will only need to enter their information once.

There are said to be 100 million people across the world utilizing Dropbox to share files with family and friends, backing up their vital information, and collaborating with team members on projects. See what Dropbox can do for you.